Krajenka opening marks grand finale as Dendro becomes Ikano Industry

With the excitement building since the news were announced internally at last year’s Christmas party, our fully owned mattress production company Dendro Poland officially became Ikano Industry on 9 April. 

Later that week, on Thursday 12 April, local dignitaries, media and over 100 recently employed co-workers were gathered in a newly refurbished warehouse for the official inauguration of Ikano Industry’s second production setup, located in Krajenka, 80 kilometres north of the main facilities in Rogozno, Poland.

“We are happy to reopen, create jobs, and contribute to the community,” said Ikano Industry MD Sebastian Luczynski, emphasising our long-term approach as the factory had repeatedly open and closed under previous owners. “We are boarding the same train, we are heading in the same direction, and we have the same goal!”

And Krajenka Mayor Stefan Kitela was not late to highlight what the arrival of Ikano Industry meant for his community.

“I think this is the most beautiful production plant north of Poznan,” he said. “A new chapter has started in Krajenka.”

A new beginning – with great heritage

As the week when Dendro Poland became Ikano Industry came to a close, 25 managers from Ikano Industry got together for a special session on the history of Ikano, leadership and strategy, presented by Mats Håkansson, Ikano Group VP, and his colleagues in the Ikano Industry board.

“The renaming shows our long-term commitment to the business. We now recognise that Ikano Industry is here to stay and grow, as an equally important company in the Ikano Group,” he said, sharing the group’s point of view.

From the perspective of Ikano Industry, MD Sebastian Luczynski emphasised that the change has a positive impact both internally and externally.

“By getting the Ikano brand we highlight that we were actually founded by the same person who founded IKEA. This heritage will help us in attracting the best talent to our team and to make a positive impact in the communities where we operate. The Ikano brand is also well-known within the IKEA supply structure, and thus provide us with a great foundation for future business opportunities.”