The Managing Director of Ikano Bank leaves

Håkan Nyberg has been relieved of his position as MD of Ikano Bank AB with immediate effect after one year in this role. The Board of Ikano Bank feels that the speed of progress in the strategic development work is not living up to their expectations.

During an interim period, Mats Håkansson, Chairperson of the Ikano Bank Board, will assume theposition of working Chairperson of the Ikano Bank Board, until a new MD is appointed. The recruitment process has already been initiated.

Mats Håkansson says: “Unfortunately, our expectations have not been met over the past year. With this said, the Board would like to emphasise that Ikano Bank is in a healthy financial position, we have a good strategic plan in place, but the related business transformation needs to gain speed.”

For more information and press enquiries, please contact: 

Marie Gällstad, Head of Ikano Group Communications,, +352 691 488 320