In it for the long run


At Ikano, we are in the midst of a great challenge.

As part of our long-term strategy we have committed to
integrate sustainability in everything we do.

For us, this means that our promise, on fair terms, needs to extend
beyond our relations with customers and suppliers.

We have to make sure that what we do is
also fair to the people, the society and the planet we live on.

We contribute

See some of our efforts from 2017


Digital relations

Gender balance

Financial education

Health Week

Production recycling

Solar power

Store recycling

Among Ikano Bostad's tenant-owned apartments under construction, 41 percent will offer carpools.

Ikano Bank in Denmark switched to 100 percent digital communications for its D2C business, and so avoided to print 8,500 credit contacts.

Ikano Bostad hired 15 women to its carpentry trainee programme 'Hentverkarna', aimed to achieve more gender balance on its constructions sites.

19 volunteers from Ikano Bank UK met with 1,165 young students through the financial education programme Cheese Matters.

In our Ikano Health Week, 904 co-workers walked, ran or cycled a total of 35,581 kilometres for charity.

Ikano Industry produced more than 1,700 tonnes of Repolyol, a recycled component used in production of new mattresses.

IKEA Southeast Asia produced 5.5 million KWh of solar power - reducing electricity bills by more than two million euros.

On average, our IKEA stores recycled 70 percent of waste produced.