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Ikano Bank

We offer simple and fair banking and financing solutions to the many people. Our offer to consumers includes private label cards, credit cards, loans and savings accounts. We deliver sales finance and customer insight services to retail partners and provide businesses with leasing and factoring solutions.

We aim to grow significantly in the coming years by focusing on our role as the bank for the many – by providing solutions that make life easier for people, and creates growth opportunities for businesses.

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Ikano Bostad

We create homes for people in all stages of life. Whether it be rental apartments, tenant-owned, town houses or nursing homes. Where the many people want to live and where the Nordic regions are growing - that’s where you will find us. When we develop solutions for future living, our aim is to simplify the lives of our customers while taking responsibility for the environment, for people and for society.

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Ikano Industry

Ikano Industry’s aim is to be IKEA’s leading supplier of foam mattresses and our facilities in Rogozno constitute one of the largest and most modern mattress producing factories in Europe. With sustainability and quality focus being at the core of everything we do, teamwork, innovation and courage are guiding themes that lead us towards achieving our mission.

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Ikano Re and
Ikano Insurance Advisory

Ikano Re and Ikano Insurance Advisory provide and give advice on sustainable risk solutions for the IKEA franchise concept. Our reinsurance solutions and advisory services cover areas such as property exposures, global transports co-workers. 

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IKEA Southeast Asia

We own and operate IKEA stores in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand, offering millions of people in Southeast Asia access to a wide range of well-designed, functional home furnishing products at affordable prices. We develop, own and operate shopping centres anchored by IKEA, and also create vibrant destinations by investing in residential, office and other types of real estate. Our multi-national team plans to double our business and enter new markets in the coming years while working towards having a positive impact on people and the environment. 

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IKEA Mexico

We want to create a better everyday life for the many people by offering a wide range of well-designed, functional home furnishing products at prices so low that as many people as possible can afford them. Ikano has been carrying out market and distribution studies for the establishment of IKEA stores in Mexico and Inter IKEA Systems B.V. (owner of the IKEA concept and worldwide IKEA franchisor) has allocated the market to us. We have an establishment office in Mexico City and are determined to bring a little bit of Sweden to the many people of Mexico.  

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More information and available offerings per country can be found by visiting the businesses' respective websites through the links below. For a summary of Ikano Group's operations, including financial results, facts from our businesses and insights on how we create value for the many people, please have a look at our yearly summary booklet:

Features, facts and figures 2018

Business contact information

Ikano Bank
Ikano Bostad
Ikano Industry
Ikano Re and Ikano Insurance Advisory
IKEA Southeast Asia and IKEA Mexico
  • Austria

    Ikano Bank AB (publ) Zweigniederlassung Deutschland


    Country Manager: Philipp Siebert 

    Otto-con-Guericke-Ring 15
    D-65205 Wiesbaden-Nordenstadt

    Tel: +49 612 299 9842

  • Denmark

    Ikano Bank (publ) Denmark


    Country Manager: Henrik Staulund 

    Stationsparken 24
    DK-2600 Glostrup

    Tel: +45 4355 6600

  • Germany

    Ikano Bank (publ) Zweigniederlassung Deutschland


    Country Manager: Philipp Siebert

    Otto-von-Guericke-Ring 15
    D-65205 Wiesbaden-Nordenstadt

    Tel: +49 6122 999 0

  • Finland

    Ikano Bank (publ) Finland


    Country Manager: Miia Heliö

    Hevosenkenkä 3
    02600 Espoo

    Tel: +358 107 735 718

  • Norway

    Ikano Bank (publ) Norway


    Country Manager: Lisbeth Kvan

    Skystasjon 11B
    NO-1383 Asker

    Tel: +47 6685 8600

  • Poland

    Ikano Bank AB (publ) Spółka Akcyjna Oddział w Polsce


    Country Manager: Sylwester Pedowicz

    Postępu 14
    02-676 Warsaw

    Tel: +48 224 315 698

  • Russia

    Ikano Bank LLC


    Country Manager: Ulla Parkkali

    Postal address
    39-6 Lenningradskaya st.
    Khmiki, Moscow region
    Russian Federation

    Visiting address
    39-6 Lenningradskaya st.
    Khimki Business Park, 8th floor
    Khimki, Moscow region
    Russian Federation

    Tel: +7 495 642 6820

  • Sweden

    Ikano Bank AB (publ)

    Managing Director: Henrik Eklund

    Ikano Bank AB (publ) Sweden


    Country Manager: Patrik Hankers

    Malmö (head office)

    Postal address 
    Box 31066
    S-200 49 Malmö

    Visiting address 
    Hyllie Boulevard 27
    S-215 32 Malmö

    Tel: +46 10 330 00 03


    Postal address 
    Box 1007
    S-172 21 Sundbyberg

    Visiting address
    Landsvägen 52, 6th floor
    S-172 63 Sundbyberg

    Tel: + 46 8 514 203 00


  • United Kingdom

    Ikano Bank AB (publ) United Kingdom


    Country Manager: Dan Joy

    Waterfront House
    35 Station Street
    NG2 3DQ
    United Kingdom

    Tel: +44 115 850 30 00

  • Sweden

    Ikano Bostad AB


    Managing Director: Robert Jaaniste

    Postal address
    Box 1304
    S-172 26 Sundbyberg

    Visiting address
    Landsvägen 52
    S-172 63 Sunbyberg

    Tel: +46 10 330 44 00

  • Poland

    Ikano Industry Ltd. Sp. z.o.o. 


    Managing Director: Sebastian Luczynski 

    ul. Magazynowa 4
    64-610 Rogozno

    Tel: +48 67 3525 400

  • Switzerland

    Ikano Re AG

    Managing Director: Tomas Wittbjer

    Baarerstrasse 101
    CH-6300 Zug

    Tel: +41 41 766 89 20
    Fax: +41 41 766 89 48

  • Malaysia
  • Mexico

    Ikano Retail Services, S. de R.L. de C.V.

    Managing Director: Malcolm Pruys

    Paseo de las Palmas 275, Despacho 403 y 404
    Col. Lomas de Chapultepec, Del. Miguel Hidalgo
    C.P. 11000 Mexico City

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