Building a better future together

Through a trilogy of Group-wide digital events called Ikano Future 2.0, we worked hard to increase awareness and set ambitious sustainability goals for our group of companies to ensure positive change for people and the planet.

Our journey towards becoming a truly sustainable group of companies kicked off in October 2020 with our first ever Group-wide digital event called Ikano Future 2.0. Historically, Ikano Future events have always been face-to-face with a selected group of leaders from our Ikano businesses, but with the 2.0 editions, we are now including all of our co-workers in this important work ahead.

3 focus areas lead the way

Today, some of society’s biggest challenges are climate change, inequality, unsustainable consumption and lack of well-being for many people across the world. By working with our three focus areas, we believe we can make a positive difference:

• Healthy & sustainable living
• Circular & climate positive
• Fair & inclusive

Facing these societal challenges is best done together, which is why we are aligning and working with the same three focus areas as Ingka and Inter IKEA. The focus areas and the actions we take going forward are rooted in the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

3 digital events to engage, inspire and involve our co-workers

Since the kick-off in October 2020, we met again in April 2021 and for the final event in September – filmed live at Bölsö, the home of Ikano and IKEA. Throughout the journey, it has been clear for us that we must act now and we want to inspire all our co-workers to contribute. A focused bottom-up approach, where everybody is involved and feels empowered to act has been key all the way. Because in the end, all actions count – both big and small – and together we can make a difference.

“For us, it has always been about the bottom-up approach and getting all our co-workers involved in this important journey. We should all feel empowered to act now.”

Lars Thorsen Ikano Group CEO

Now we make it happen

Launched in September 2021, our Group sustainability strategy 2022-2025 focuses entirely on ambitious goals and crucial measures to ensure positive change for people and the planet. We have always believed in creating possibilities for better living for the many people, and we are convinced that sustainability is an enabler for good business. With this strategy, we strive to inspire and enable our many co-workers, customers and partners to live healthier and more sustainable lives within the boundaries of our planet, as soon as possible.

“Our sustainability
strategy is the result of all the hard work in our businesses to define their KPIs and where they want to be by 2030. It has been amazing to see everybody’s commitment to this journey, and I’m convinced it will inspire you in your daily work to create a better future together.”

Kajsa Holst Sustainability Manager, Ikano Group

Each of our six Ikano businesses have defined a sustainability direction supported by specific goals and targets. They have also set clear KPIs that will be followed-up on in our sustainability dashboards.

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Ikano Bank

Ikano Bank direction FY22-FY25

The way we do business is rooted in our business idea: We create possibilities for better living by offering simple, fair and affordable services, enabling a healthy economy for the many people.

How we will make a difference:

Healthy & sustainable living

We will offer seamless and simple digital banking services, granting access to capital to more of the many and promoting a healthy and sustainable living.

By 2025
– 100% digitally signed customer contracts.
– 25% share of our liquidity portfolio is defined as green.
– Be ranked in the top 3 of sustainable banks in each market in which we operate.

Circular & climate positive

We will work to reduce the environmental impact caused by our own operations, as well as finance solutions for a circular & climate positive economy.

By 2025
– Increase our sales of lending verified as
green by 10 times.
– Reach carbon neutrality in our offices.
– 100% of our retail partners will have committed to 1.5°C business plans.

Fair & inclusive

We will provide development opportunities, a safe work environment and equal treatment for all co-workers. At the same time, we will make positive contributions to the community around us.

By 2025
– Reach more of the many people by granting loans to customers who are currently underrepresented (e.g. students, self employed).
– Create platforms and distribute knowledge to include more people and help them build a better personal economy.
– Mirror in our workforce the diverse society in which we operate.

Ikano Bostad

Ikano Bostad direction FY22-FY25

We will have the best and most sustainable customer offer by creating possibilities for environmentally, socially and economically sustainable living and a simpler everyday life.

How we will make a difference:

Healthy & sustainable living

We will have the best and most sustainable customer offer in the industry by creating possibilities for environmentally, socially and economically sustainable living and a simpler everyday life. We do this by creating safe and pleasant neighbourhoods, conditions for community, well-being and ecosystem services, offering mobility solutions and opportunities for sharing economy.

By 2025
– Be ranked in the top 3 of real estate companies of most satisfied customers.
– Eco-label all our new homes, offering better materials to ensure a healthier everyday life for our customers.
– All our new homes will be designed based on our green design strategy: Keep it simple.

Circular & climate positive

We will work to become climate neutral by 2030, which is 15 years earlier than the government’s goal for the building industry. The biggest part of our climate impact comes from energy, materials, transportation and waste. All Ikano Bostad co-workers have individual climate goals in order to take advantage of the power of working together.

By 2025
– Work to reduce our climate impact by 50% compared to 2020.
– Our first climate neutral housing project will be built and our customers have moved in.
– 70% of waste from our building sites will be recycled to become new materials.

Fair & inclusive

We act on fair terms in our business and for the many people. We primarily focus on diversity and equal treatment, fair terms and anti-corruption in procurement, and social initiatives. Our values, company culture and our contributions to society makes us a preferred and valued employer.

By 2025
– All co-workers have participated in a value driven leadership course and a training in equal treatment.
– 0 accidents at our workplaces.
– 100% of the young adults that participate in our Ikano Academy will continue to work or studies.

Ikano Industry

Ikano Industry direction FY22-FY25

Ikano Industry is and will continue to be a market leader in foam products.

How we will make a difference:

Healthy & sustainable living

We offer our customers healthy and high-quality products to sleep better and provide industry expertise to our retail partners.

By 2025
– Design and offer multiple products that combine all our sustainability ambitions in an affordable way.
– Improve our co-workers’ working positions in production to comply 100% with required ergonomics standards to ensure a healthy and harm-free working life.

Circular & climate positive

We work to reduce the environmental impact caused by our own operations and supply chain, as well as finance solutions for a circular and climate positive economy.

By 2025
– Recycle the same number of mattresses as we produce.
– Decrease our GHG by 50% compared to 2020.
– 20% of our foam will be renewable or recycled.
– Use 100% renewable electricity.
– Decrease our waste by 15% compared to 2020.

Fair & inclusive

We are a fair and inclusive company, providing development, safety and equal treatment for all co-workers while making a positive contribution to the community around us.

By 2025
– Create regular forums for all of our co-workers to discuss sustainability awareness with representatives.
– Gain > 80% positive answers from coworker satisfaction and engagement surveys.
– Have talent turnover lower than 5%.
– 50% gender balance for leading positions and successors.

Ikano Insurance

Ikano Insurance direction FY22-FY25

Helping people is part of our DNA. We help clients identify and manage risks. We raise the red flag for future risks and challenge society to change course when needed, all with the well-being and safety of the many people in mind.

How we will make a difference:

Healthy & sustainable living

Co-worker physical and mental health is a key factor for the long-term success of IKEA (Ingka and Inter IKEA) and Ikano. Through understanding and analysing the key data we hold, we aspire to shift the focus from purely physical well-being to a more holistic approach encompassing mental, emotional, and physical health.

By 2025
– Improve the health and well-being of over 100,000 IKEA (Ingka and Inter IKEA) and Ikano co-workers.
– Reduce absence related to sickness by 6% compared with 2022.

Circular & climate positive

New risks need to be understood before they can be insured. Recycling initiatives are currently difficult to insure because of the limited understanding of how recycling risks can be proactively mitigated and reduced. We understand risk management and, in collaboration with our insurance partners, have the ambition to develop a risk management standard for recycling initiatives that will make it easier for those initiatives to be insured.

By 2025
– Support circularity within the recycling industry through use of our risk score by the global insurance community.
– Aim to have 25+ recycling companies reach insurability.
– We aim to become carbon neutral by 2025.

Fair & inclusive

Insurance solutions are not always designed for and accessible to the many. In some countries the service delivery is too expensive and products too complicated. Elsewhere, there is no access to insurance. That is why we have launched HEMSÄKER, a home insurance the IKEA way. We aim to have this available throughout the IKEA world.

By 2025
– Reach more than 500,000 customers with HEMSÄKER, our affordable home insurance for the many people.
– HEMSÄKER will be the most affordable home insurance offer in more than 30 markets.
– Reach 5% of new policy holders identified as previously uninsured.

Ikano Insight

Ikano Insight direction FY22-FY25

Our Business Intelligence dashboards will support in achieving our sustainability objectives across Ikano Group.

How we will make a difference:

Healthy & sustainable living

We will support clients and partners to measure health and well-being and give insights on how companies can improve HR and well-being policies.

By 2025
– Analyse and develop insights for the health and well-being of over 100,000 Ingka and Ikano co-workers.
– Deliver insight on well-being and HR development for multiple external clients.
– Support Ikano Retail with data driven insights and proposals to increase sales of sustainable products by 5%.

Circular & climate positive

We will focus on supporting our customers and partners to measure and follow up their sustainability goals and climate impact.

By 2025
– Generate 15% of external revenue (non-Ikano) from customers using our data driven expertise to measure and achieve climate targets.
– Expand our Sustainability product range with 3 new sustainability propositions.
– Measure and produce insights on 40 sustainability KPIs for Ikano businesses across 5 years.

Fair & inclusive

We will identify evolving consumer needs and provide insights on how businesses can be more relevant in matching customer needs and reaching more people. Focus until 2025 will be on specific projects together with Ikano businesses.

By 2025
– Supporting the customer journey and conversion to encourage uptake of HEMSÄKER home insurance by 10%.
– Analyse ‘the many’ lacking access to capital to help Ikano Bank understand how they can support this group further and develop new propositions.
– Help reduce wastage and increase warehouse efficiencies for Ikano Industry.

Ikano Retail

Ikano Retail direction FY22-FY25

We will help make healthy and sustainable living desirable and affordable in six countries that will be home to 480 million people.

How we will make a difference:

Healthy & sustainable living

Create an unbeatable offer of products and services that enable sustainable living. Make stores and centres a go-to destination for healthy and sustainable food. Shift mindsets through bold communication and activities that engage co-workers and communities.

By 2025
– 3.1 million products sold from our sustainable range.
– 43% share of leased areas in our Centres offering recreation, wellness and healthy living.
– 1.3 million visits to IKEA sustainable living guides on our websites.

Circular & climate positive

Develop and promote solutions that prolong the life of our products. Seek innovations that reduce our use of energy and water while investing in solar power, electric vehicles and other solutions that reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. Adjust our ways of working and invest in systems that help us reduce and manage the waste we generate within our business – driving toward zero waste to landfill.

By 2025
– 50% share of energy sourced from solar farms on our rooftops or from local suppliers.
– 7.5% share of deliveries made through electric or other sustainable transport.
– 60% reduction in food waste in our IKEA Restaurants from 2018 baseline.

Fair & inclusive

Create fair and meaningful work for people of different races, ages, religions and sexual identities. Make gender balance the norm, nurture local talent and develop local leaders.
Ensure workers in our supply chain are treated fairly and create work opportunities for disadvantaged people in our communities.

By 2025
– 50:50 ratio of women to men as we secure gender balance throughout the business.
– EUR 450,000 Investments for positive impact in our businesses in our communities.
– 1,000 number of co-worker leave claims for Social Days.

Our sustainability commitment

Together, we put sustainability at the heart of everything we do to enable good business and contribute to a better future for the many people.

Our sustainability commitment

Together, we put sustainability at the heart of everything we do to enable good business and contribute to a better future for the many people.