Ikano Bostad

We offer space-efficient, functional and sustainable homes at affordable prices for people at all stages of life. We are a long-term property owner and housing developer. With care and commitment, we own and develop homes and neighbourhoods in Sweden and Denmark. But we are more than a housing company. We look for new ways to simplify our customers’ everyday lives and improve future living. We want to create healthy, sustainable and inclusive neighbourhoods where people feel at home.

2022 at a glance

No. of co-workers: 429
Turnover: 289 MEUR

Market value of properties and landbank: 2,091 MEUR

Our markets

Sweden: Gothenburg, Lund, Malmö, Stockholm, Uppsala, Västerås (operating under the Ikano Bostad brand).
Denmark: Copenhagen area (operating under the Ikano Bolig brand).

Our properties and projects

Apt./townhouses under construction: 1,636
Rental apt.: 6,811 (499,407 m2)
Nursing homes: 5 (337 apt, 28,667 m2)
Offices: 2 (24,823 m2)
Other properties: 84,000 m2
Building rights: 11,000 (all phases)

The year in brief

  • 2022 was off to a good start when energy prices, material costs and interest rates increased while the demand for new housing decreased, leading to big challenges for our business.
  • 323 apartments/townhouses were sold.
  • 819 building rights were purchased in Sweden and Denmark.
  • 600 rental apartments were acquired, establishing our property management business in the Gothenburg area.
  • The demand for rental apartments remained high.
  • Rental apartments for seniors aged 65+ were added to our offer as a complement to our nursing homes.
  • We worked to lower our emissions in a number of ways. For instance, through energy optimisation and CO2 reduced concrete.
  • We kicked-off sales of our pilot project aimed to develop climate-neutral townhouses.
  • Our co-worker engagement score remained high and our leadership satisfaction score increased.
  • Since 2014, our Ikano Academy have helped 102 youths change their lives – from social exclusion to work or education.

Hej Brf Beundra! Our tallest apartment building so far with 28 floors
62% of our Board members are women
of our co-workers took out their
Social Day to help with a
good cause