Ikano Health Week 2023 – together for a good cause

Ikano Health Week is an annual event since 2016, where co-workers from all across Ikano Group come together to spend time on our physical and mental health, while at the same time collecting hours towards a donation for a good cause. Now the 8th annual Health Week has come to an end, and the engagement and togetherness has been fantastic, during this week loved by so many. The collected hours are rewarded with a donation of EUR 30 per hour, with a maximum donation of EUR 185,000. So far we’ve always surpassed the goal, and this year is no exception!

1661 Ikano co-workers

Mental health and physical health are equally important for our overall wellbeing, so during Health Week, we focus on both. This year, a total of 1661 have run, walked, particpated in group trainings, done yoga and much more, as we did our utmost to collect hours towards this year’s donation to 5 Skoler.

Together, we have spent 8,803 hours on our physical health and 2,485 hours on our mental health – that’s a total of 11,288 hours. Thanks to everyone’s efforts, we’re able to match last year’s amount and make a donation of EUR 185,000, contributing to giving even more children the possibility to go to school.

“I’m proud to say that we reached our goal to be able to make a full donation to 5 Skoler. Education really is the key to a better future for all children, and 5 Skoler makes a great difference for these vulnerable children in today’s very challenging world.”

Lars Thorsén CEO Ikano Group

5 Skoler – building schools for children on the run from war

5 Skoler is a charity focusing on all children’s right to education, by building schools for children on the run from war along the Syrian border. It was founded in 2019 by Maren, a former teacher, and Zarah, a former management consultant in the social sector. Together they had a burning desire to change the conditions for Syrian children, whose biggest dream was to go to school. Today they have built several different kinds of schools, ranging from those made of tarpaulins to those make of bricks some even equipped with air conditioning, toilets, refrigerators and meal programmes.

Ikano Group is happy to be able to contribute to this important cause, and look forward to checking in with 5 Skoler again in the near future to see how things are progressing.

Co-workers in action

In this video we’ve captured some of the great activities our co-workers have participated in all across our business, to be able to contribute towards our donation to 5 Skoler.

“It’s been wonderful to see the energy and joy from everyone joining in. Thank you to all incredible Ikano co-workers for your efforts this week!”