Ikano Industry

Ikano Industry is and will continue to be a market leader in foam products. During 2021, we commenced full-scale production at our plant in Mexico. At the same time, we advanced our research in foam recycling in partnership with Ingka Investment and RetourMatras – an area where we see huge potential to strengthen our product offer. In a broader partnership, we will continue to develop a fully circular offer. Our focus is on quality and sustainability in everything we do while our company culture, characterised by teamwork and innovation, leads us forward.

2021 at a glance

No. of co-workers: 1,448
Turnover: 132 MEUR

Our markets: Europe, USA, Canada, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Morocco, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey.

The year in brief

  • The build-up of our plant in Mexico was completed.
  • Ikano Industry in Poland successfully implemented two new IKEA foam and spring collections.
  • We continued to grow our partnership with Emma – The Sleep Company with the introduction of two new products.
  • Our INDEMO department at Ikano Krajenka built a new modern gluing line. Four robots feed components, position them, apply glue and stack the finished mattresses on pallets.
  • 110 positions in Poland and Mexico were audited to assess if they comply with regulations and also to determine how we can improve our work environments to make them healthy and to minimise exposure to risks.
  • Our solar panels produced 689,369 KWH of energy.
  • Ikano Industry in Poland conducted its first Greenhouse Gas Emissions calculation according to GHG Protocol. We calculated 3 scopes from cradle to gate. Our main conclusion is that 95% of our emissions come from our raw materials.
  • 850k mattresses were recycled coming closer to our target to recycle at least the same number of mattresses as we produce by 2025.
  • We produced 18k tons of foam.
  • Our plant in Rogoźno recycled over 1000 tons of post-industrial foam from production waste and reused the raw material for the production of new mattresses.

Our solar panels produced
689,369 KWH covering 6.3% of
the energy consumption in our
3 factories
850,000 mattresses were recycled
mattresses were produced
of our co-workers took
part in our first fully
digital co-worker
engagement survey
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