Production picks up in Mexico

By 2029, Ikano Industry is committed to deliver 950,000 foam mattresses,
750,000 innerspring mattresses and 1,000,000 upholstered furniture units produced
by the three factories located in Poland and Mexico.

Mattresses for the many in Mexico

Since May 2019, our Ikano Industry business in Mexico has been working full speed to start up a 200,000 m2 manufacturing cluster for the production of foam-based comfort products.

Starting 2021, more than 120 co-workers are running 25 machines to produce 100,000 mattress covers that have been sold to the sister plant in Rogozno, Poland. Adding to that, they have taken on the challenge to manufacture sofas too.

Acing all the tests
Something our Industry team in Mexico is particularly proud of is to be the first North American supplier to pass IKEAs Go, No Go audit in the first attempt. They also successfully passed IKEAs IWAY audit, with some of the strictests standards in the world.

Growing by the day

Since the land acquisition, some 100,000 m2 of production-, warehouse-, and office space have been built. In the coming years, additional expansion of manufacturing- and warehouse space will be added to this. Upon completion, the entire plant is expected to employ around 2,000 co-workers.

All the hard work is paying off as Ikano Industry is becoming an attractive employer in Ramos Arizpe with more Mexicans eager to join our value-based culture to learn and grow.

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Our 78-hectare site in Ramos Arizpe, in the state of Coahuila, Mexico.