5,540 hours clocked during Health Week 2018!

In our third annual Health Week, 1,210 Ikano co-workers (306 more than last year) stepped up to the challenge and managed to accumulate 5,540 hours of physical activity. This means we beat our target of 5,000 hours by a good margin and managed to reach our donation cap of EUR 150,000!

This year, we decided to accumulate hours instead of kilometres and all types of physical activity were accepted but needed registration of minimum 1 hour for it to contribute towards the Health Week. From badminton to bowling, from parkour to paddling, our 1,210 co-workers went all in and delivered an average of 4.6 hours/co-worker. “What’s even better is that we have started to see real engagement and anticipation among all the businesses about the Ikano Health Week. Lots of HR and Communication departments across the Group are coming together to plan activities to ensure a high participation rate and lots of buzz about the Health Week, both internally and even externally,” shares Louise Nielsen, Group Internal Communication Manager.

Supporting Ikano Bostad’s ‘Ikano Academy’

When Ikano Bostad got the opportunity to choose this year’s charity for Health Week, the decision was easy. With the money raised, Ikano Bostad will grow the Ikano Academy in Stockholm and start up one more Academy in Västerås, Sweden.

“This is fantastic! Now we will be able to do even more for the young people in Hagsätra, Rågsved and in Västerås, when we start up the second Academy. We are very grateful for all these efforts from our colleagues across Ikano, thank you for coming together to support us,” says Anders Wahlqvist, responsible for the Ikano Academy.

Ikano Bostad founded the Ikano Academy in 2014 with the purpose to give young adults living in Ikano Bostad’s properties in Hagsätra/Rågsved, Stockholm a fresh start in life and to help them enter the job market. During a project employment at the Academy, they learn property management and code of conduct at work while getting coaching and help from the city district to put their CVs together. When the programme is completed, Ikano Bostad helps the participants to connect with potential employers.

Starting up in Västerås, Sweden

With the contribution from the Health Week, Ikano Bostad now have the possibility to start up the Ikano Academy in another city, Västerås. “We are a big actor in Västerås, and some of the areas we operate in are socio-economically vulnerable. We have begun recruiting supervisors for the Academy and expect to be up and running in February 2019,” tells Tomas Hedlund, newly assigned responsible for the Ikano Academy in Västerås.