HEMSÄKER is home insurance the IKEA way

It’s the result of a two-year collaboration between Ikano Group and IKEA. It’s a digital home insurance with the ambition to contribute to a safer life at home for the many people.


With the launch of HEMSÄKER in IKEA Singapore, we expand the IKEA product offering from furniture to also include additional services for the home. HEMSÄKER is a comprehensive, affordable home content and personal accident insurance that covers the costs incurred due to damages to your home furniture, renovation and personal legal liability of up to $500,000*, complementing the compulsory fire insurance that all homeowners in Singapore are required to have. It provides financial coverage in the event the home contents and renovations are damaged because of a fire, water leakage or natural disaster. Additionally, if a personal accident or burglary happens in the home, HEMSÄKER provides coverage for that too. HEMSAKER can be purchased online via insurance.ikea.sg”

“Making homes count is important to us and we believe a good home insurance should be part of that,” said Mike King, Deputy Managing Director at IKEA Southeast Asia. “While I’m sure there are existing solutions in the market, we saw the need to create an offer that is simple, easy to understand and affordable to the many. The language used is straightforward and the benefits are made transparent, so that our customers can make a fast and informed decision. The HEMSÄKER home insurance solution reinforces IKEA Singapore’s commitment to our customers – we will continue to deliver inspiring home furnishing products and solutions that help protect their homes and their loved ones too.”

“From our research, we found that complexity and costs were two major barriers to purchasing insurance,” explains Magnus Fredrikson, heading the project on Ikano’s end. “This is why our first insurance solution is based on the fundamentals of simplicity, affordability and consumer friendliness with an easy application process and on fair terms.” Together with Etiqa insurance, IKEA Singapore launched HEMSÄKER on 20 February 2020, with more markets to follow.