Ikano facts & figures 2020 now live

2020 was by far the toughest year for our group of companies, but thanks to the efforts of all our co-workers who worked tirelessly to deliver, we made it through successfully.

The pandemic hit hard on IKEA Southeast Asia & Mexico, with closed stores and multiple Covid restrictions, but our retail teams adapted and almost overnight, transformed our stores and shopping centres to fulfil the growing number of web orders and deliveries.

Ikano Bostad achieved record sales of apartments in both Sweden and Denmark and Ikano Bank continued its important digital transformation. Add to this, our Insurance team continues to bring HEMSÄKER home insurance to more of the many in new markets, a product that is now part of the new IKEA financial services strategy.

Even with several months of marginal production in Poland, Ikano Industry ended the year strongly, while at the same time our Mexican team successfully managed to start up some production in the new factory in Saltillo, Mexico. 2020 was especially challenging for Ikano Insight, as many clients had other priorities than data and analytics. But the team steamed ahead and kept servicing the clients’ needs despite the UK lockdown and we are seeing tremendous progress with clients across several industries.

The pandemic only made it clearer that people are our greatest asset. Fact is, in times of crisis, we have the responsibility to act in the best interest of our co-workers, customers, and other stakeholders. Together, we’ve come a long way and we will continue to stay alert and act smartly – and most importantly we will remain hopeful for the future.

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