Ikano Group turns 30!

Thirty years ago, on 1st September 1988, Ikano Group was established as an independent group of companies. To celebrate this, we have made a movie called Our essence – showing the Ikano spirit that has built our companies over the last three decades into what we are today.

Throughout September, celebrations will take place in Ikano offices across the globe, and in some markets there will be related special offers for our customers!

A story that started with IKEA

The first Ikano company was registered by Ingvar Kamprad in the 1950s as a part of IKEA and was used as an intermediary between the furniture company and producers. Subsequently, the Ikano name was used by a number of other companies supporting different parts of IKEA.

Since the separation from IKEA in 1988, Ikano have grown independently into a small conglomerate with over 5,500 co-workers in Asia, Europe and Latin America and businesses active within banking, real estate, production, insurance and retail.

Check out the movie below to learn more about our story.