IKEA Puebla is now open!

With festive music, a burst of confetti, colourful flags and cheers from everyone, our second store in Mexico has finally opened its doors to the many in Puebla city.

The celebrations started early with a hearty Swedish breakfast for co-workers, special guests and vendors who helped build our newest store. Malcolm Pruys, bid farewell to his beloved Mexico team, welcomed Jaap Doornbos as Mexico’s new Country Retail Manager, and gave well wishes to Puebla Store Manager Arnar Eidskrem. 

At around 11am, IKEA Puebla received its first ever visitors. The store introduced 4,842 Swedish home furnishing articles to the many customers who have eagerly queued up to be part of our grand opening event. IKEA Pueble is our second store in Mexico, adding on to IKEA Ocenia which is part of the Encuentro Oceania shopping center, east of Mexico City.

“Everyone who participated in building this new IKEA store project has shown a lot of dedication, energy and passion to get to this point, and I am very honoured by the strength and commitment you have shown.”

Arnar Eidskrem Store Manager IKEA Puebla

Our 13th blue box in Ikano Group

Visit IKEA Puebla’s grand opening livestream page to watch or relive the opening moment. We now own and operate 13 IKEA stores in the Ikano Group, read more about our other retails destinations.