IKEA Tebrau opening marks our sixth store in Southeast Asia

Cheering co-workers and a marching band greeted thousands of eager customers as IKEA Tebrau officially opened in Johor Bahru, southern Malaysia, at 10:00 local time on Thursday, 16 November.

“I want to be part of making history,” said Ariff Razali, 25, having arrived at midnight to secure his first in line spot. “I love being with my family at IKEA!”

The opening of the sixth Ikano-operated IKEA store in Southeast Asia is not just a big milestone – it is the first Malaysian store outside Kuala Lumpur and the biggest store we have built to date.

“It was 2005 when we first looked at this area and, now, we are finally here to open the doors,” Christian Rojkjaer, Managing Director of IKEA Southeast Asia, told an excited crowd of co-workers, guests and local media during the pre-opening breakfast.

Measuring over 46,000 square metres, IKEA Tebrau has been ‘future proofed’ with plenty of storage capacity to prepare for the coming of ecommerce. Further, the 6,000-capacity store has more than 4,000 rooftop solar panels, 100% LED lighting, a rain harvesting system and even plug-in stations for electrical calls.

As for the shopping experience, the people of Johor Bahru had no less than 54 showrooms to inspire their home furnishing. Having previously opened six IKEA stores in Australia, IKEA Tebrau Store Manager Annie Chandler was clearly impressed.

“I don’t think I have seen a store that looks so good at opening before. The room settings are like nothing I’ve ever seen before,” she said, further praising the efforts of everybody involved, including more than 300 new IKEA co-workers, when asked to sum up her feelings.

“I’m really proud of the team, there’s nothing more than that!”

First IKEA Tebrau customer Arif Razzali together with Store Manager Annie Chandler.