New trainee programme targets women with DIY talents

‘Hentverkarna’ is Ikano Bostad’s new recruitment campaign aimed at attracting handy women to its team of carpenters. Recruits are offered a paid traineeship running for three and a half years, or 5,800 hours, including both theoretical and practical training at Ikano Bostad’s construction projects in Gustavsberg, Sweden.


The female only trainee programme is a way for Ikano Bostad to diversify its workforce in an area that is traditionally male-dominated. Increased gender balance will lead to a better work environment with more perspectives among the carpenters, which in turn should boost growth and profitability.

With 15 slots to be filled, the programme offers full-time employment with wages according to the applicable collective agreement for trainee positions, starting at 65% of the basic salary and gradually increasing throughout the duration of the traineeship.

Last date for application is 15 April 2017, more information (in Swedish) and how to apply can be found on