Rethink: community engagement at Ikano Bostad

Omtänk, Swedish for rethink, is the new concept name under which Ikano Bostad (residential real estate) gathers existing and new outside-the-walls efforts to create thriving residential neighbourhoods.

kids playing soccer

It includes activities such as a footballing and golf schools for children, recreational centres, bike pooling and homework support. Activities such as these contribute to a better everyday atmosphere for Ikano Bostad’s tenants and further relieve parents, knowing that their children are out exercising in organised activities.

“It is not that common to offer free of charge football practice. Kids and young people get the chance to meet friends, play football and socialise. It shows Ikano Bostad cares for the people living here,” says coach Hedi.

Omtänk scope also includes Ikano Akademi, where unemployed young people get the chance to gain experience within janitorial work and gardening. After a few months, the academy participants are given the chance to have their profiles matched against related companies, thus creating a shortcut into the employment market.

Amir, in his mid-twenties and with a troubled background, learnt about Ikano Academy though the social services after being released from prison. After a successful period in the academy, he got a traineeship with a ventilation company.

“Without the help I got from the academy, I wouldn’t have a job now. It was an opportunity that changed my life,” says Amir.

Read more about the different parts of Omtänk at (information in Swedish)