6th annual Ikano Health Week spreads light and hope

One of the most popular weeks across Ikano Group: our Ikano Health Week! It’s a week dedicated to togetherness, being healthier and raising money for a good cause. Over the years, our co-workers have gotten more and more engaged, and 2021 was no exception.

Since 2016, co-workers across Ikano Group dedicate a full week to their health. The Ikano Health Week is all about togetherness and doing exercise for as many hours as possible. Each hour logged is rewarded with a donation of EUR 30 to a chosen charity. The maximum donation is EUR 150,000 and so far, we have always surpassed the required target of 5,000 hours.

1,429 co-workers joined

Up from 1,137 in 2020! While most of our co-workers were able to connect face-to-face more easily this year compared to 2020 with lockdowns and strict regulations, there were still challenging times in some of our countries. But our co-worker engagement only increases, so even in times of pandemic, all of us are going the extra mile to make sure to log those hours and support each other along the way.

7,276 hours of sport

From floorball to full marathons, our co-workers did it all for a good cause. When we started the Health Week 6 years ago, the focus was on logging kilometres. However, this made it complicated to log sport activities that don’t add up in metrics. So, we changed to counting hours and our co-workers loved the increased freedom of doing the sports they liked while supporting the important work of charity organisations.

1,956 hours of mental health activity

For 2021, we added a separate log for mental health so that our co-workers could count all their hours specifically dedicated to meditation, therapy or a meaningful conversation about mental health with a colleague. Many of us took the opportunity to focus on our minds as much as our physical workouts. Initiated by our Ikano Retail colleagues, we started the conversation based on the question: “Are you really OK?” as a recognition of the importance of our mental health.

So, with a total number of 9,232 hours logged to the Ikano Health Week, it’s truly positive to see that mental health makes up for more than 20% of the final result.

More than 20%

of the final hours were logged towards mental health.

Spreading the light

So, with this great result, we can proudly say that the entire EUR 150,000 donation will go to Liter of Light in the Philippines. An incredible grassroots organisation committed to providing affordable and sustainable solar light to people with limited or no access to electricity.

In 2022, we will continue sharing the story about the collaboration between our colleagues at Ikano Retail and this charity that changes the life of so many people across the world.

Thanks so much for yet again helping us to reach the target and being part of this physical and mental health movement that keeps growing every year.