Un update from our Group CFO

Ikano Group delivered a 20% growth in turnover for 2022, ending at EUR 1.9bn – primarily thanks to the full year of operations of our IKEA destination in the Philippines that opened late 2021. This performance was possible thanks to the strong commitment and focus from our co-workers combined with the on-going investments in our businesses. To nurture our sustainable growth and our sound financial position, we spent more than half a billion EUR in our businesses, dedicated to enhancing and building new homes and customer meeting points as well as implementing digital platforms, among others.

We have accomplished so many things during a year marked by war in Europe, economic turbulence, energy crisis, climate crisis and more. It’s evidence of the financial resilience of our group but also emphasises the importance of active support to projects that benefit vulnerable people and our planet and in that context, we donated EUR 2.8m to various charity initiatives.

In turbulent times, our sustainable long-term mindset is key to maintaining a sound financial position.

Yohann Adolphe CFO Ikano Group