Investing in the future

At Ikano Group, we continuously invest to ensure sustainable growth. In 2021, the investments across our businesses amounted to EUR 226 million. The tangible outcomes were affordable products to the many people via our new IKEA stores in Mexico and the Philippines, convenient digital financing tools to consumers in the UK and a large number of attractive living solutions in Sweden and Denmark – to mention a few.

Our strong values served us well during the pandemic and the subsequent economic conditions, calling on our ability to be creative and think differently. By the end of the year, our efforts delivered overall growth and a turnover of EUR 1.6 billion. Beyond our everyday business, it has always been important for us to contribute to local projects that benefit people and our planet and where we can make a real impact. 2021 was no exception. Our collective donations amounted to more than EUR 1.8 million, supporting numerous initiatives in the markets where we operate.

“With a long-term focus, our investments make sure we grow at the right pace and in the right places.
They yield future opportunities and are essential to delivering simple and meaningful solutions on fair terms to the many people – now
and in the future.”

Yohann Adolphe Group CFO