What we do

What we do 

At Ikano, we work hard to create solutions for the many people. 

To do this, we need to help each other out, learn from one another and share our knowledge and experiences. 

We find better ways together.

Growing with Ikano

Working at Ikano means that you are part of an inspiring, fun and fast-paced environment and  there is no typical career path. We are convinced that work in itself is the best setting for developing, knowledge, capabilities and motivation. In other words, growth happens every day in our interactions with customers, partners, your colleagues and managers.

It also happens when you take on new responsibilities and learn new things, which you will get the chance to do due to the rapid growth of our businesses. So in short, Ikano can only grow with the growth of our co-workers!

Meet some of us


Craig and Samantha explain how Ikano Bank worked together with Ikano Insight to learn the needs of our customers.



Darryn and Sofia describe how we asked our tenants for help in creating a better life in our residential neighbourhoods.



Sangsom and Patrice show how we explored a new concept to reach more IKEA customers in Thailand.

Ikano in brief

  • An international group of companies present in 15 countries across Europe and Southeast Asia
  • More than 4,600 co-workers
  • Active within finance, insurance, production, real estate and retail
  • Originally part of IKEA, but became an independent group of companies in 1988
  • Owned by the Kamprad family
  • Head office in Luxembourg

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