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Publications & financial reports

Ikano Facts & figures 2022

It’s all here – the key facts that describe our financial performance as well other achievements and challenges faced by our Ikano businesses in the past year.

Our essence

This is the foundation of our group of companies. It is the essence of where we come from, what we stand for, what we promise and how we want the many people to experience us. Released in spring 2023, here’s the 6th edition of our most important document.

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Looking back at 2023

2023 has been another challenging year, impacting our businesses to varying degrees. But, grounded in our strong culture and values, we have continued to work together to deliver impactful achievements in all our businesses.

Let me watch!

Our sustainability direction for 2025

Launched in September 2021, we focus entirely on ambitious goals and crucial measures to ensure positive change for people and the planet. Together with our businesses and co-workers, this is how we want to make a difference.

Our way forward