Ikano Industry invests in Dutch RetourMatras

Joining forces with Ingka Investments and Renewi, Ikano Industry has invested in Dutch mattress recycler RetourMatras and takes the next step in their journey towards 100% circularity.

Eight years of research and development by Ikano Industry will allow RetourMatras to increase its dismantling capacity from 1.0 million to more than 1.5 million matrasses per year in the Netherlands and Belgium. It is an amazing step towards Ikano Industry’s goal to become the world’s first completely climate neutral foam producer by 2025.

For us, this is an incredible opportunity to realise the transformation of recycling post-consumer foam. Essentially, we are committed to collect and recycle at least the same number of post-consumer mattresses as we put on the market by selling new products.

Sebastian Łuczyński CEO of Ikano Industry

Located in Poland, Ikano Industry manufactures mattresses and upholstered products, and since 2019, we are setting up a manufacturing site in Mexico, extending our markets to also include the Americas.

In Europe alone, 30 million mattresses are dumped each year and 18 million of them are disposed of in landfill. Since 2013, Ikano Industry’s R&D department has finetuned their ground-breaking technology with recycled foam from used (post-consumer) mattresses and new foam applications. The result is a chemical recycling process of foam from used mattresses called repoliol, a raw material suitable for production of new foam products, keeping the post-consumer foam out of landfills.

“What started out as a solution to recycling our own foam waste has now been developed into a scalable technology, allowing Ikano Industry to take in external foam waste from other suppliers and recycling it. With this investment, we are definitely taking the next step in our journey to become fully circular in our production,” concludes Mats Hakansson, Chairperson of Ikano Industry.

Ikano Industry RetourMatrass press release February 2021