Daycare at Ikano Industry Mexico helps mothers go back to work

Ikano Industry wants to make this easier for women, by offering daycare facilities at the plant, allowing mothers to go back to work and bring their children with them. The daycare looks after the children of around 100 mothers, and a few fathers. The children are between the ages of 43 days and 4 years old. It’s staffed by around 15 people, who work in shifts to allow the daycare to be open between 6 in the morning and 12 at night, giving parents the possibility to use this service regardless of what shift they have.

“It’s a real help for my son and I. I feel calm knowing that my son is here, close to me”, says one mother.  

Mothers of breastfeeding babies are given some time to go and feed their babies during the day. The mothers can focus on work while knowing that their children are being are being cared for by staff who love what they do and strive to provide children with a fun and educational environment where they can learn and grow together.

Most mothers that bring their children here are single mothers, but there are also a few fathers as well as families with two parents. One example is a mother and father who both work at Ikano Industry. They have little twins, and bring both children with them when they go to work.

This is a great way for Ikano Industry Mexico to invest not only in their co-workers, but also in their families, supporting working mothers and building an environment where everyone can grow and thrive together.