Accelerating sustainability with business intelligence

With a new sustainability strategy in focus across the Group, Ikano Insight is sharing their expertise by helping Ikano businesses measure progress towards their sustainability goals.

Throughout 2021, we have worked closely with all Ikano Group businesses to create customised sustainability data dashboards so that they can clearly visualise their data and track their journey in the focus areas that matter most. In addition to the skills that we bring to the sustainability table, the benefit of working with the Ikano Group companies is that we have an inherent understanding of the Group’s values and sustainability ambitions.

Dashboard designed to track and measure your sustainability KPIs

Many of our businesses already generate sustainability data across many different areas such as energy consumption and food waste. This data is often from wide ranging sources and stored across several different platforms and departments. Data consolidation is both time consuming and complex but essential before accessing meaningful data visualisation and the capability to generate actionable reports.

This is where we help accelerate your sustainability journey.

“We have worked closely with Ikano Insight this year to develop user-friendly sustainability data dashboards that will give all co-workers the opportunity to see how we are progressing toward goals – from sales of sustainable products and sourcing renewable energy. Having this kind of information at our fingertips will enable us all to see where we are, keep us on track and we will be able to share our sustainability stories with concrete data.”

Corinna Schuler Corporate Communication & Sustainability Manager, Ikano Retail

Monitor and evolve your sustainability goals

As a data insight and business intelligence agency, our natural data curiosity and value to the business doesn’t stop there. We can help monitor KPI performance and review the data insights so businesses can make informed decisions and continue to evolve their KPIs and sustainability goals of the future. The transparency of information provided by the comprehensive, yet user-friendly dashboards will also inspire and empower co-workers as well as bring everybody together working towards the same goals.