The power of data insight

Throughout 2021, Ikano Insight has continued its transformation journey and worked closely with each of the Ikano Group businesses to help them achieve growth through data insight and loyalty strategies, business intelligence dashboards and advanced analytics.


Mid-way through the year, Teresa Booth (previously Director of Client Services & Expansion) took over as acting CEO.

Not only is Teresa already immersed in the data insight industry, she has also been with the Ikano Group for over 15 years so fully embraces the strong Ikano culture and values.

We have also recruited talented new co-workers at cross-functional levels who bring a wealth of knowledge, experience and new energy to our data and insight business so we can accelerate our growth.

“I feel privileged to lead Ikano Insight in this exciting
stage of our journey. It’s never been more important for businesses to understand their customers’ needs, wants and expectations and be able to make confident data-
driven decisions.”

Teresa Booth Acting CEO, Ikano Insight

Centre of data and insight excellence across the Group

  • Worked closely with IKEA Philippines on the successful IKEA Family launch with research and analysis, customer journey mapping and loyalty data dashboards.
  • Supported IKEA Mexico with proposition development for IKEA Family.
  • Became Ikano Retail’s main data analytics, technical and business intelligence partner for the build of an enterprise-wide data warehouse.
  • Used data-driven insights and predictive modelling to help Ikano Bank drive customer retention.
  • Built an an HR application for Ikano Industry in Mexico to streamline the process, time and resources required for recruitment.
  • Used our Location Optimiser product to provide the IKEA Jurong store in Singapore with valuable customer visitation profiling and predictive insight around store locations.
Ikano Insight office (Uncommon, Borough in London)

Rising to the challenge of global co-working

In addition to new recruits joining through lockdown, our co-workers are spread across the globe in the UK, Malaysia, Singapore, Russia and Mexico. With restricted travel and differing lockdown rules many have still not met each other.

Everybody has embraced the ongoing virtual-ness of working life with good humour though and we have had regular “fikas” and quizzes to rally team morale.

Data insight is the key to a sustainable future

Our key sustainability objective is to focus on helping other businesses to measure progress towards their sustainability goals. In 2021, we have worked closely with each of the Ikano Group to do just this.