Knowledge fuels confidence during the pandemic

During the challenging times we face as a result of the pandemic, we see that businesses who arm themselves with customer data, and use it in clever ways, are connecting with their customers more than ever.

Dashboards lead the way

Challenged by the unpredictability of restrictions and lockdowns, businesses need to be agile and adapt from one second to the next. To help clients make faster and more effective decisions, our Ikano Insight team develops user-friendly BI dashboards.

“It’s about utilising both internal and external information to better understand previous customer behaviour and to predict future trends and the impact on the business.”

Teresa Booth Director of Client Services and Expansion, Ikano Insight

Staying ahead of the game

In one scenario, BI dashboards can help the client to understand the impact of a previous lockdown on customer behaviour and sales to better prepare for any future lockdown.

Thomas Hutchings, Head of Analytics at Ikano Insight explains, “With data, you can identify which physical stores are at risk of regional lockdown, before they are announced. You can also see the shopping trends of your customers by store location, pre, during and post lockdown. You can compare, side by side, sales behaviours from different regions, allowing you to quantify the impact of Covid-19 on shopping behaviours. Finally, the dashboards enable you to understand the profile of your customers at risk, by region, to understand their demographics and typical shopping behaviours.”
When all this data is gathered into one easy-to-use dashboard, our clients can make decisions to minimise potential losses and also to capture opportunities.

Ikano Insight BI dashboards can empower clients in what might feel like a powerless situation. They help clients to better understand what affects them specifically, during the pandemic, tailoring the information to suit their needs and to be one step ahead to adapt, test, learn and grow.

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