Ikano Insight delivers the first D2i sales dashboard for IKEA

Ikano Retail appointed Ikano Insight to work on their Data to Insights (D2i) project as their main data analytics, technical and business intelligence partner.

Data to Insights (D2i) is an end-to-end data transformation project designed to encourage a data-driven mindset across Ikano Retail. The aim is to consolidate different data sets across the business and, in the first phase, to empower teams by providing user-friendly data dashboards. These enable them to identify opportunities and inefficiencies so that they can continually improve the IKEA customer experience.

The first D2i dashboard to go live was the multi-channel Sales Dashboard which includes information such as transaction sales and payments, returns, store and web visitations by market/selling unit, by fulfillment method and on item level.

What has been achieved so far?

  • Standardised and consolidated data on a single platform.
  • Established a consistent, holistic data view across Ikano Retail.
  • Created a single, common set of KPIs.
  • 30+ different source integrations.
  • Created a new analytics environment.
  • Self-service model: empowering users for ease of data consumption.
  • Launched in 2 countries with plans to roll out to all markets.

“We are very happy to make a first step putting data in people‚Äôs hands, bringing it closer to both our co-workers and customers. We have a long journey ahead and look forward to a fruitful relationship with Ikano Insight.”

Koen Besteman Chief Digital Officer, Ikano Retail

Plans for future dashboards include services, furnishing GPR and workforce. Meanwhile additional sales dashboards are already in the development pipeline such as loyalty, shopping centres and e-commerce.