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Ikano Insight brings new perspectives to businesses everywhere, making everyday lives easier by delivering value through data that businesses struggle to unlock.

We are specialists in retail and sustainability analytics, supporting businesses to achieve their strategic goals. Using location analytics, we help retailers understand their customers and competitors, enabling them to precisely target new audiences and optimise store, channel, merchandising, pricing, and loyalty strategies.

Thanks to our sustainability analytics, businesses can assess their current performance, identify and track ongoing KPIs, and access the knowledge required to achieve their sustainability goals.

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2022 at a glance

No. of co-workers: 28
Our markets: Denmark, Germany, Malaysia, Mexico, Norway, Poland, Singapore, Sweden, Thailand, UK, Philippines, Finland, Austria.

The year in brief

  • We analysed over 154.3 million data points from over 1 million visitors to develop insight on the customers in catchment areas of stores in Mexico, North America, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, and the UK.
  • Using our geo-location analytics tool, we have; identified new customer audiences with a potential sales revenue equivalent to EUR92 million​ in Singapore, new tenants that increased retail centre visitation by 11% in the UK, and the catchment for over 2.5 million visitors to a new meeting place in San Francisco.
  • We implemented a group-wide Greenhouse gas emissions dashboard to enable Ikano businesses to measure and act upon their emissions.
  • RFV models and testing strategies delivered incremental revenue across targeted segments for IKEA Thailand with a 13:1 return on investment.
  • To support IKEA Mexico with stock availability challenges, we built a “next best product” stock model and supporting campaign strategy. This combines customer need and past purchase information with stock availability to recommend products, improve customer experience and drive purchase behaviour.
  • We developed and launched Ikano Bank’s commercial dashboard, a single automated solution where Bank co-workers can find accurate and up-to-date reporting for crucial business KPI’s across all 7 markets.
  • We finalised the set-up of our Malaysian office in Kuala Lumpur, and really started to grow our presence and awareness in the region. We now have an ongoing partnership with Sunway University and their School of Engineering and Technology.
  • The D2i project with Ikano Retail is now providing actionable insights for 600+ co-workers across 14 IKEA stores in 5 international markets, on 18 varied data platforms – all recording up to 20 million customer transactions from 35 million store visitors and 122 million web visitors each year.
  • We provided qualitative insight into new launch markets for the home insurance together with IKEA, as well as support the optimisation of strategies in existing markets, and consulted on data reporting and ownership.  
More than 154.3
million data points
analysed using
location analytics
Through reporting and analytics, we identified actions that Ikano businesses could implement to reduce their GHG emissions by 50% by 2030

100,000 Ukrainian refugees reached
with emergency aid through our support of WONDER Foundation
13:1 ROI achieved for IKEA Thailand through value segmentation models