Because life happens

Ikano Bank recently launched the new global communications concept “Because life happens”, built on a simple human insight; regardless of how we plan our life, life itself interferes in unexpected ways.

Life takes us down different paths, our needs change along the way and sometimes one of the solutions can be money. In those times more players are needed. More intelligent specialists, who not only understand the everyday economy, but also care about it, for real. Someone who sees people and life situations rather than numbers and margins.

You have probably been there yourself at some point:
When you are in the flow. Or when you clearly are not.
When it’s now or never. When now never comes.
When you need a change. When the change needs a change.

Or when something needs to be done right now. And definitely not later.

Because life happens.

The new concept was launched in Sweden a few weeks ago and can be spotted in TV commercials and the newspaper, as well as digital advertising and outdoor media. All the Ikano Bank markets will over time use the concept in their external communication with the aim to remove some of the distance that generally exists today between the bank and the individual.

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